What about me?
That’s my first thought every morning,
My last thought every night.
Has it gotten me anywhere—
More friends more love more joy?
By now I should be a bundle of joy,
Saying this mantra all day long.
It’s like the beating of my heart:
What about me? What about me? What about me?
When I take a shower
I think, “What about me?
I hope this shower makes me feel happy.”
When I bite into a donut
I say, “What about me?
I hope this donut makes me happy.”
I hope this lover
This lunch
New suit
New tie
New jacket
Makes me happy.
I hope this new job
New house
New spiritual practice
New movie
New computer
New city
New country
New president
New planet
Makes me happy.

None of it will make me happy
Unless I do one simple thing:
Change “me” into “you”:
Wake up in the morning, try something wild,
Break up the monotony and say,
“May you be happy,
You you you
May you be happy.”
When I bite into this crisp apple
May you be happy.
When I give you a kiss
Drive my car
Make my bed—
May you be happy
When I tie my shoelaces
Change the channel
Drink a latte with extra foam—
May it make you happy
When I feel the sun and the breeze
Gaze into your eyes
Teach you dharma—
May you be happy.
Know what?
When you’re happy, I’m happy
That’s the formula—first you, then me,
Next time we say, “After you,”
It will mean something, because that’s happiness—
A heart free of “What about me?”

-Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

18 February 2004 Heinsbein, Germany
From Snow Lion’s Delight
Sakyong Mipham, The Kalapa Court
Vajradhatu Publications, 2005